Bathroom tile extension

And another happy customer!
In many new builds you can find, that bathrooms are not fully tiled. Usually, up to 3 rows above bath level. Imagine, what is going with wall when you take a bath and steam goes up.
I was asked to put tiles above existing ones. Challenge on many levels: just tiles – you cannot buy exacly the same 10 years later…. So I suggested to put a line of metro tiles with diffent colour and then continue with something similar to original. And result – you can see ????
First – removing loose paint. Priming with SBR. Tanking to make wall waterproof (must have!), challenge with removing trims and tiling.
25 cm x 35 cm ceramic tiles set on Kerakoll UK gel H40 with white grout and silicon from BAL Tiling All bought in Topps Tiles

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