Front porch

And another happy customer!
I was asked to tile front porch. I found 2 layers of tiles. Top layer I was able to remove by hand. And I found wet, old “ready mixed” adhesive. Another layer was set without backbuttering and primer, so it took me about 10 min to remove. Thanks gods for cowboys. I love you guys!
After drying and cleaning I put SBR primer and then de coupling mat, because I saw cracks and didn’t want to have cracks on grout or even tiles.
Then I put this nice 20 cm x 20 cm porcelain tiles on H40 Kerakoll UK gel. As a finishing you can see “pecan” grout from BAL Tiling As you can see tiles are mitre cut on the step.
All materials and tiles bought in Topps Tiles
Just regret, I didn’t take a photo before the job.
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